After our misadventure at Robot Wars with Pacifier, all was quiet in combat robot land. However, behind the scenes the cogs where turning.


The chairman of the foundation Dutch Robot Games, Jeroen Lieverloo, was in conversation with the organisers of Battlebots. He convinced them to invite some dutch teams. As their timeframe was pretty tight, they were looking for bots that were ready to fight. As luck would have it, we had had a completely working robot just laying around!

There was one glaring issue though. Pacifier was technically under contract with Robot Wars. With only 3 weeks to go until our crate was going to be picked up, we had a difficult choice to make. Do we just paint over Pacifier and try to pass it off as a different robot, or do we go the full mile and build another bot?


Yes, Petunia is a different robot than Pacifier!

It took 3 full weeks of grinding welding and troubleshooting to build another frame, improve our weapons system and install all the components into our new frame.


Although very similar in looks, Petunia has some minor tweaks to its frame. Namely larger wheel protection flaps on the side. A straight, instead of a curved back, to give us more space for wiring, tubing and parts. And less bends in the front, as 8mm Hardox 500 is a challenge to bend, to say the least. Also, heating by welding Hardox will weaken its molecular structure.


The day of crating and shipping was now upon us, and we we’re having issues with the hydraulics of our weapons system. After blatantly ignoring the rule that nothing good ever happens after 2 PM, we stayed up until after 4 and deciding that it worked good enough to crate it.